Is Beyoncé continuing to stay with Jay-Z only to get money?

Is Beyoncé continuing to stay with Jay-Z only to get money?

According to reports, Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z don’t get along since his rumored extramarital relationships came to light.

It’s said that Beyoncé finds it difficult to separate from her husband Jay-Z despite his numerous adultery scandals.

Fans are aware that the Beautiful Liar singer spoke about the hurt her husband’s betrayal created on her album Lemonade.

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Having said that, the multibillionaire singer never gave thought to separating from the rapper.

According to In Touch Weekly’s research, Beyoncé, who married Jay Z in 2008, has ulterior motives for wanting to prolong their union.

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An source discussed the situation with the publication and revealed the financial advantages the singer and her spouse share.

“They’ve built an empire together, and there’s too much at stake,” the person said.

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The duo, whose estimated net worth is $3.3 billiоn according to Forbes, was described as “one of those couples who are worth more together than apart” by the publication.

“It seems like their union has transformed into a business alliance, and they’re merely acquaintances who essentially lead different lives now,” the source went on.

The insider went on to sаy, “So whatever tension there may be behind closed doors, they seem to go out of their way to not let the public see it.”

They said in closing, “Beyoncé met Jay-Z [at 18] when she was so young—she idolized him—then he shattered her world.”