Cardi B donate $100,000 to her former school in the Bronx, expressing her joy in being able to assist young children

Cardi B shared her feelings about her recent $100,000 donation to her former school in the Bronx. She expressed her connection to the school and how it played a significant role in shaping her as a person from a young age. The rapper highlighted the challenges that kids in the Bronx face, emphasizing the need for support and resources to help them navigate their environment.

Cardi hopes that her donation will contribute to creating after-school programs that provide opportunities for kids to learn and stay away from negаtive influences. She thanked Community Capacity Development and K. Bain for their partnership in visiting schools and programs in Queens and Brooklyn.

Cardi expressed her joy in being able to support young kids and hinted at an upcoming project that is close to her heart. Alongside her philanthropic efforts, Cardi also released a new collaboration with Ye and Lil Durk called “Hоt SҺit,” along with its music video.